What is Nelson Multicultural Council?

Nelson Multicultural Council is a non-government organisation which supports migrants, former refugees and people from minority ethnicities in the Nelson/Tasman region with their settlement process. It also promotes positive race relations through community education, ensuring people of all ethnicities feel empowered so that they can actively contribute to our community.
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Support for Newcomers

We offer newcomers information, advice and support to assist with settlement in our region. Our field worker is available to meet with newcomers, help them prioritize their settlement needs and put them in touch with relevant agencies & services.

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Youth Empowerment
We have worked collaboratively with The New Hub on a number of youth projects:

  • the DVD Squish which records young people’s experience of racism received an award from the Human Rights Commission last year. It can be seen on You Tube: squish link

  • We have enabled staff from Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum, to gather stories of settlement from Refugee Background Youth for a special exhibition which will opened in April 2010.

  • Our youth reps attended the NZ Diversity Youth Forum in Christchurch in August 2010.

The co-ordinator is available to speak to any group regarding the work of Nelson Multicultural Council

We promote positive race relations through making use of all media opportunities as well as delivering talks to community groups and students.

School Education
In August 2009, fifteen volunteers from seven different cultures, participated in Garin College High School ’s cultural diversity education programme.

Community Education


Celebrating Diversity

Cultural Diversity in the Nelson/Tasman region enriches our society and provides opportunities for economic growth, community development and international relationships. Even though we may have different ways of expressing ourselves through music, dance, food, celebration and worship, we have more in common as people than not. Our motto is Unity In Diversity.
In 2008, Nelson had the third largest percentage of migrants per population in New Zealand . Since 1991, its Maori population has more than doubled, its Pasifika population has trebled and its Asian population has almost trebled. There were 772 international students in the region in 2008.
Below are some of the cultural events organised by Nelson Multicultural Council.
Multicultural Women's Group
Cultural Play Groups

Our Vision
“ Migrants, newcomers and locals celebrate their diversity in a welcoming and safe environment so that all may enrich our community”
Our Values
  • Diversity
  • Acceptance
  • Service to the Community
  • Participation
  • Collaboration
  • Safe Community
  • Equality
  • Tolerance
Contact Us
Address 4 Bridge Street, Nelson
Phone 03 539 0030
Email info@nelsonmulticultural.co.nz